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2019 Epcot® International Festival of the Arts: Featured Artists

Discover over 100 artists whose captivating works are on display at locations throughout Epcot. Preview sample portfolios from some of our artists.

Schedule of Featured Artist Appearances

View a complete list of the appearances of our featured artists—including dates, times and locations.

A vintage illustration of Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti

Disney Artist Gallery

Enjoy works featuring a variety of artistic styles and media created by Disney Cast Members and Visiting Artists.

Costa Alavezos
After graduating from the Art Academy of San Francisco, Costa embarked on a 30-year career in illustration. A senior character artist for Disney Design Group since June 1997, Costa has created figurines, paintings and vintage sketches for Disney galleries. In addition to ornaments inspired by Disney Villains, Pixar Characters and Tim Burton’s  The Nightmare Before Christmas, Costa is project champion for Pixar-related “hard line” products.

Rosemary Begley
Rosemary grew up amid the hustle and bustle of New York City with weekends and summers spent at the seashore of eastern Long Island. Inspired by the beauty of her subject matter—ranging from beach scenes and sunsets to boats and wildlife—to her interest in architectural structures, Rosemary depicts a sense of “quiet realism” in her work, along with a serenity and majesty. In 2011, Rosemary was invited to be a freelance artists for Disney theme parks and in 2013 for Disney Cruise Line.

Brian Blackmore
Brian always dreamed of working for his childhood hero, Walt Disney. Every Sunday evening he watched “Uncle Walt” on The Wonderful World of Color. It was during those times that he developed an insatiable appetite for drawing Disney characters. Blackmore likes to refer to himself as Disney’s unofficial Land, Sea, and Air Artist, because his Mickey appears on the bow of the Disney Cruise Ship “Dream” as well as on the Disney’s Magical Express motorcoach, along with the fact that helped create the sailor Mickey balloon for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Doug Bolly
Doug began his career creating realistic portrayals of marine life and wildlife in masterfully crafted environments of perspective and light. He has created collaborative, creative works for numerous attractions at all Walt Disney World theme parks as well as for Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club and Walt Disney Imagineering. Doug has both designed and built themed rooms for the ABC show, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

David Buckley
David is originally from the great city of Cleveland. Growing up, if he wasn't watching Super Hero cartoons or building robots, he was drawing and painting. He is now a principal graphic designer for Walt Disney Imagineering, where he has been designing environmental graphics since 1999. If you've visited any Disney theme park, Resort hotel or cruise ship, you've probably seen the results of his handiwork. David still builds robots and creates whimsical paintings in his spare time. Since 2007, he has been bringing his playful art style to Disney galleries with his interpretations of Disney characters and attractions.

Morgan Ditta
Before Morgan could even write it properly without reversing the “D,” her family knew she was destined for Disney. Originally wanting a job in animation, she switched to a different career path when she designed her own Walt Disney World parade for her 2012 Animation/Illustration senior project. It was then that she knew she wanted to be a theme park designer. In 2013, she took a dive headfirst into that industry with a 2-year internship with Walt Disney Imagineering as an associate show designer. Morgan continues to work in the theme park industry full-time, designing attractions and experiences around the world.

Will Gay
Will Gay is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. As a creative director at Disney’s Yellow Shoes, Will is tasked daily with leading a talented team of art directors, copywriters and designers in the field of advertising. His latest paintings are realized in the evenings at his home studio. Will is influenced by a combination of pop culture, street art, graphic design and skateboarding. Since his debut at the Festival of the Masters in 2009, he has continued to interpret iconic characters like Mickey Mouse and others in new and intriguing ways.

Kim Gromoll
Kim is an illustrator, designer and painter who lives in Orlando. Kim has designed attractions, shows and parades, for all of the major theme parks in the area. For Disney, Kim has designed Queen Elsa’s Float for The Frozen Summer Parade, the stage set for the 20th Anniversary of the Lion King Show and the stage for Mr. Oogie Boogie’s Funky Freakhouse Show for Villains Night. He has 6 limited-edition prints for Lucasfilm featuring Star Wars. Two of his original Star Wars paintings have been purchased by George Lucas himself. Recently, Kim has begun painting original art for the Disney galleries at Disney Springs.

Joe Kaminski
Joe started his career as a writer for Yellow Shoes Creative Group—Disney Parks and Resorts’ internal ad agency. Surrounded by a world of creative Disney influences, Joe began using found office supplies, teaching himself to draw and paint Disney characters. He has won 6 Disney Festival of the Masters art competitions. His work is featured in the Art of Disney galleries and he is also a proud member of the Disney Cruise Line gallery of artists.

Kevin-John’s art has been showcased at major events like the Super Bowl, on TV networks including ESPN, ABC, Spike TV and The Golf Channel and at Walt Disney World Resort. Never limiting his style or subject matter, Kevin-John has been commissioned to create art for some of the biggest brands in the world. He is currently a contributor to the fine art program featured at Disney park galleries.

Alex Maher
Alex was born in Miami and started drawing at an early age. He began his art career as an illustrator-draftsman aboard a United States Navy ship. With encouragement, he moved his family to Orlando in the summer of 1991 to pursue his dream of becoming a Disney artist. Beginning as a contract artist, he finally achieved his lifelong dream when he was hired as a full-time senior character artist with Walt Disney Attractions Merchandise in 1993

Tim McCloskey
Tim is a sculptor who blends the elements of nature with high-tech ideals. Tim is actually color-blind—his artwork reflects his unique perspective, often focused on the interplay between light, texture and dimension. Born and raised in rural central Pennsylvania, he studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Temple University and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Messiah College in 2001. Tim moved to Orlando in 2004 to work for the Walt Disney Company as a digital interactive developer.

Randy Noble
Randy attend the California Institute of the Arts, a private arts school subsidized by the Walt Disney Company. During his second year of college he was hired to produce character art and new show development for DIC Animation. Randy spent 14 years in Los Angles working on a variety of projects producing illustrations and design work. In the fall of 1998 he began his new career as a senior character artist with Disney Design Group.

Jason Peltz
Jason graduated Carnegie Mellon University with an Illustration degree, which he put to use in New York City at Jim Henson Productions, Marvel Comics and Disney Consumer Products. After gaining valuable industry experience, Jason moved to Orlando, where he spent over a decade as a full-time freelancer, sculpting and illustrating for Disney Publishing, Disney Entertainment Design, Disney Imagineering and others major clients. Jason is currently working with Disney Creative Group as a character artist, designing merchandise for Disney theme parks.

Don “Ducky” Williams
Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Don’s desire to be a Disney artist intensified as he grew up. Throughout his artistic career, Don still yearned to be with Disney and spent much of his spare time drawing and painting Disney characters. In 1980, Don quit his job and followed his dream to Florida. Now, after years with Walt Disney Resorts Marketing, the acclaimed senior character artist, has created literally thousands of Disney character illustrations for books, lithographs, brochures, magazine ads, theme park images and television and is a guest presenter aboard Disney Cruise Line ships.

Darren Wilson
Darren has created works for the Art of Disney galleries and has become one of the most sought-after Disney artists in the marketplace. His unique style of painting captures a nostalgic timeless quality. Darren currently works as a senior graphic designer for Disney Design Group. Through his career, he has had the opportunity to create award-winning designs for Disney theme parks and Disney Cruise Line.

A montage featuring Figment the Dragon, musical notes, a painters palette and a pot of gold

WonderGround Gallery

See favorite Disney characters and themes brought to life in these artists’ inventive styles.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith (also appearing in POP Gallery)
Originally hailing from Walt Disney's home state of Missouri, Jasmine now lives in the Disney-created town of Celebration, Florida. She is a traditional artist whose works are painted the old-fashioned way with a brush, water and acrylic paints—mostly on wood or masonite panels. Many of her paintings are populated by female characters with large luminous eyes, in a pop surrealism style dominated by whimsical, fantastic, gothic or historical themes.

Joey Chou
A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Joey was born in Taiwan and moved with his parents and sister to the United States when he was 15. His art reflects influences by prominent and obscure artists as well as by the Southern California lifestyle and culture. When not painting or sketching, Joey enjoys independent films, surfing, video games and traveling.

John Coulter
Based in Los Angeles, artist John Coulter is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In addition to the visual arts, John pursued performing arts, which led him to appearances at the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and Tokyo Disneyland. If art and performance weren’t enough, John has also had a 20-year career in modeling, which has taken him around the world and landed him numerous print ads and television commercials.

Caley Hicks
Growing up in Sarasota, Florida, Caley was introduced to the art of Disney at a young age. Over the years, Disney films and family vacations to Walt Disney World Resort served as a constant inspiration while she pursued a career in graphic design. After graduating from the Ringling College of Art & Design in 2008, she began working as a merchandise designer at the Disney Design Group. She feels so fortunate to be working for the one company that has had such a meaningful impact in her life.

June Kim
June is an animator and illustrator who lives in San Francisco. She originally studied graphic design, but she changed paths to pursue her passion for animation and illustration. Since graduating, she has worked at several major companies, including Google and Disney Interactive.

Jerrod Maruyama
Jerrod is a freelance illustrator specializing in cute character concepts and design. He earned a degree in Illustration from San Jose State University and began his career as an art director in the children’s educational software market. Since becoming a full-time freelance artist, his client list includes several leaders in the entertainment and toy industries. Born and raised in San Jose, California, Jerrod currently resides in Sacramento.

David McNeley—aka “Mcbiff”—is a traditional artist from Huntington Beach, California, specializing in acrylic painting. Inspired by Disney artists that came before him and a healthy relationship with a paintbrush, Mcbiff has created a style that is familiar but enthusiastically new. A self-taught artist, his techniques are his own and have taken many years to develop.

Dave Perillo
Living in Philadelphia, Dave Perillo works as an illustrator. He draws inspiration from many notable television shows, film noir classics, cartoons and character advertising icons. Dave began his career working as an illustrator in the glamorous world of medical publishing. After countless drawings of dancing kidneys and otoscopes, he felt a need to feed his creative juices and began to create his own pop culture-inspired art. This path launched him into a world of comic conventions, art galleries and freelance design.

Jason Ratner
Jason is a graphic designer for the Walt Disney Company. Originally from New York, he graduated with a Graphic Design and Communication Arts degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. While primarily working in marketing and sales, Jason has created artwork over the years featured on the Disney Parks Blog as well as other design work for Disney Family, Disney Princess and Pixar social media channels. His passion for Disney shows through in his bright and whimsical work that features Disney characters and elements in enchanting compositions.

Ashley Taylor
Ashley is a freelance designer and illustrator living in Southern California. Inspired by legendary artists like Mary Blair and Eyvind Earle, she challenged herself to find her own voice as an artist. Throughout the years, she has worked with various studios and properties including Disney, Her Universe, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Studio Ghibli. When she’s not working, Ashley enjoys traveling, hugging puppies and watching Audrey Hepburn movies.

Kristin Tercek
Kristin was born and raised and continues to live in New Jersey. She began hand-sewing plush characters of her own design in 2005 under the name Cuddly Rigor Mortis. In 2009, she decided to get back to her roots and start painting again. She was self-taught at the age of 11 and now paints full-time. Her characters have come to life in the form of cute foods, charming botanicals and both real and imagined animals.

Chris Uminga
Chris is a Connecticut-based artist/illustrator whose work focuses on everything from Super Heroes to monsters. At a young age, Chris was heavily influenced by the world of Saturday morning cartoons and old black-and-white horror movies. Those influences can still be seen in his work today. Working primarily in watercolor, Chris has been featured in several gallery shows and many private collections around the world.

Gregg Visintainer
Born in San Jose, California, Gregg “Viz” Visintainer is a self-taught artist, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur and father. His Viz Art Ink images are hand-drawn using pen and ink. From afar, you see a main image, but up close you will find hidden pictures, words and messages relating to each theme. His style has gained recognition throughout the years, leading to work with Element Skateboards, DC Shoes, The Grateful Dead, Falken Tires, Disney, the United States Marine Corps and many others. In January 2013, he opened the Viz Art Ink Gallery in Carlsbad, California.

Gabby Zapata
Gabby Zapata is from sunny Los Angeles. She majored in Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art & Design. After college, she worked at Digital Domain Studios in Port St. Lucie, Florida as a visual development artist for their feature-length animated film, The Legend of Tembo. A year and a half later, Gabby moved to Los Angeles to work for Disney Mobile. Today she works for the online division of Disney Interactive in Glendale, California.

Original artwork of the musician Carlos Santana playing a guitar

House of Blues

Discover visual artists with styles as groundbreaking and exciting as the musicians featured on the House of Blues stage.

Broken Vinyl Record Collection
BRVC was formed in 2009, taking an organic and proficient approach to combine music and art. Their practical and constructive accessories are of extraordinary quality, hand-crafted one at a time, with delicate care.

Just Dotz (Andrew Swan)
Andrew may spend anywhere from 40 hours up to several years on one piece of art. He draws his inspiration from Banksy, Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali and his friend Mick Wilson, who also happens to be one of Britain’s top pointillist artists. The pointillist style—originated by impressionists like Georges Seurat and Paul Signac—uses small distinct dots of paint to create a bigger picture.

Mel Fiorentino
Born in New York in 1983, Mel started out drawing and creating because it was a fun teenage escape and “always the easiest way for me to express myself.” When the drawings started to get more and more photorealistic, he became intrigued with painting and hasn’t stopped since. After painting with acrylics for about 12 years, he felt the need to move into a new medium and started painting with oils. At times, he says he feels like a scientist, because it seems like it is limitless. According to Mel, “Painting has been the journey of my life and always keeps me in a state of constant learning. I wouldn't trade it for anything.”

Ken Pease
Otherwise known as Tropical Zombies, Ken has become a staple at the House of Blues. He presents a colorful celebration of the blues genre painted on recycled and found wood, drawing inspiration from musicians, animals and the music itself.

Dawn Schreiner
This local freelance artist is always busy! From commissions by local municipalities to publications and organizations, everyone is clamoring for original works. Dawn draws her inspiration from daily life as well as actors, animals, musicians, pop culture and, from time to time, whimsical, unexpected illustrations.

Secondline Jewels
When percussionist Collin Galyean fashioned a necklace for his wife Roz out of a broken cymbal, the gift inspired Roz to focus her talent and passion for jewelry-making into works that incorporated recycled materials. Together the couple now happily create an upcycled line of jewelry combining their longtime love of music and fashion. They collect metal from all over the world and their most notable collaborations so far have involved Blondie, Queen, Bon Jovi and Spoon among many others.

Original artwork of Venetian canals and cafes at dusk

James Coleman Studios

Step inside to see works by this former Disney animator—now bringing his magic to fine artworks you can enjoy at home.

James Coleman
James was born in Hollywood, California in 1949. Showing a talent for art from an early age, he landed a job with the Walt Disney Studios, starting in the mailroom in the summer of 1969. Before long, James joined the legendary Disney animation team—styling background images on 12 films and over 30 short subjects, including Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Fox and the Hound, The Great Mouse Detective, The Black Cauldron, The Little Mermaid and the Academy Award®-winning Beauty and the Beast.

Original artwork featuring Darth Vader of Star Wars

ACME Archives

Star Wars fans, come over to the art side to discover these creative tours-de-Force!

Christopher Clark
Christopher’s lifelong goal was always to share beautiful art with the world. Throughout his career as an artist, Christopher has been committed to self-education and hard work. In June 2016, ACME Archives—the official publisher of Lucasfilm Fine Art—named Christopher one of their elite artists, and published a variety of his paintings. In addition, George Lucas purchased Christopher’s original Star Wars oil painting “Tie Fighter Sunset.” At age 40, Christopher continues to gain national attention, while remaining humble in his effort to grow and improve his artwork. He currently lives in Denver.

Danny Haas
Danny is a freelance artist who lives in Orlando with his wife and 4 kids. He has worked with ACME Archives, Dark Ink Art, Disney’s WonderGround Gallery, Warner Bros Records, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox and was the cover artist for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Novels from 2014 to 2017.

J.J. Lendl
J.J. was born and raised in Pittsburgh and currently works out of his studio in Lakewood, Ohio. Known for a vintage-inspired aesthetic, he works extensively on film and entertainment properties including The X-Files, Star Trek and Star Wars for clients that include 20th Century Fox, IDW Publishing, CBS and many others.

Brian Miller
Best known for his pop culture propaganda artwork Brian currently illustrates images for Star Wars, Doctor Who, The X-Files, Rick & Morty, Archer, and GI Joe. Brian’s illustrations are featured at major events like Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic-Con International and Disney’s D23 Expo. Brian also has a strong commitment to art education, working with organizations like Maastricht Institute of Entrepreneurship, London Business School and Arizona State University Center for Science and the Imagination.

Jeremy Saliba
Jeremy graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2003 with a BA in Illustration/Animation. Since then, he has enjoyed working on a variety of projects—including everything from creating concept art for animation to illustrations for comics. Jeremy also teaches drawing and painting classes at his alma mater. He is a movie fanatic and a bookworm—any form of storytelling draws him in.

Craig Skaggs
Craig began his full-time freelance career back in the early 1990s, working for advertising agencies and publishers of teaching material. Soon, he was commissioned by Lucasfilm to illustrate licensed Star Wars art for Brown Shoe Co. when they were re-releasing episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the saga with new special effects. He has designed toys and products for over 30 companies, done illustrations for several magazines, games, comics, children’s books and journal publishers. Recently he has started designing cover art for Altered Creatures Publications, toy designs for SG Labs and has become an official Lucasfilm fine artist for ACME Archives.

Original artwork featuring an orca whale and her calf

Wyland Galleries

From Disney themes to nature scenes, discover fine art works by world-renowned artists in a variety of distinctive styles.

Edson Campos
Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Edson enjoyed sketching and painting from an early age, eventually coming to master a variety of media—from oil to charcoal to pencil and airbrush. Soon after moving to the United States, he began to exhibit his photorealistic paintings and drawings in major cities and was honored as “Artist of the Year” in 2003 by the Orlando Modern Art Collection. Recently, he created his own “Master Series,” applying the look Old Masters painting to New World women. Now Edson focuses his imagination and skillful hand on Disney Fine Art, a subject matter close to his heart. According to the artist, “My earliest encounters with Disney fairy tales while growing up… came in the form of animated feature films like Snow White, Cinderella and Bambi. The artistic impressions these films had on me were priceless and long-lasting.”

Walfrido Garcia
Son of renowned artist Edgardo F. Garcia, Walfrido was born in the Philippines in 1966. Facing difficult times, the family moved to the United States. Walfrido’s “American Dream” came true in 1987. While vacationing in Oahu, the young artist was signed by the Livingston Gallery. There his work attracted the attention of local as well as international art buyers. His paintings eventually caught the eye of Bill Wyland, founder of Wyland Galleries Hawaii. At the age of 23, he was the youngest artist to display in the gallery chain. Since then, Walfrido’s art has graced the walls of art galleries and collectors’ home across the United States and abroad. Walfrido is best known for his distinctive seascapes. Besides his traditional renderings, his trailblazing series includes koa wood and other mixed media. Walfrido has created highly popular works for Disney Fine Arts and Princess Cruise Lines.

Jacinthe Lacroix
From an early age, Jacinthe began painting and drawing, only later discovering sculpting. The clay, she says, awoke in her a possibility of unlimited expression—a freedom. Today, her inspiration is generated by the human body and the exploration of movement. Jacinthe uses bronze sculptures to evoke the rich spectrum of emotions. A wholesome intent to touch the heart radiates from her creations; some might say they invite meditation. Her work celebrates the creative process—in art and in nature.

Michael Maiden
Michael grew up in Washington state, exploring the natural beauty all around his home. At Central Washington State University, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and Education. Soon after, he established the Maiden Foundry. Thanks to his talent and commitment to quality he has emerged as a sculptor worthy of worldwide recognition. Michael’s sculptures speak directly to the forces of nature and the art which shape them, representing an existence far more meaningful than routine survival. Each work is cast in solid bronze, faithful in design, form and intricate detail, then enhanced with a selective application of color-rich patinas that contrast the highly polished metal surfaces. Today, Michael’s sculpture can be found in many museums and corporate collections around the world.

Michele Sonner
It is nearly impossible to separate the distinctive designs of the Michou jewelry line from its creator. The company name itself is a derivation of the French endearment “mon petit chou”—Michele’s childhood nickname—and the designs are just as personal. It is Michele's love of art, antiques and history that first drew her into jewelry design over 20 years ago, when by chance she discovered a tiny collection of rings during a ski trip. The rings were created in Bali using a distinctive technique. She was so inspired and intrigued that she soon found herself on the way to apprentice with the artisans and learn the skills that had been handed down over countless generations. And so Michou was born—marrying modern design with an ancient art form.

Luis Sottil
Luis looks to share his special relationship with nature through his art. Creating works meant to be felt, not necessarily understood or explained, he has devoted his life to capturing the emotions of his subjects on canvas and the emotions that one feels when in their presence. His original masterpieces use minerals, vegetable dyes and natural substances from around the world—like mother of pearl for iridescent white colors and cochinilla powder for a brilliant cobalt blue. As light changes throughout the day, the painting changes as well. Since animals communicate through eye contact, the eyes in his paintings are larger than scale, inviting you into his work, making a connection Sottil calls “Naturalismo.” Luis has received numerous awards, and his works are included in over 2,000 private and corporate collections around the world, including that of Rupert Murdoch, the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and the Tupperware Company. His work is exhibited by 15 galleries worldwide, including 3 of his own located in Key West Florida, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and El Madrigal Resort in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Jim Warren
Even if you are unfamiliar with Jim’s name, you have undoubtedly seen his work. His fine art paintings and personalized portraitures have been commissioned by world-famous celebrities and prominent business leaders, and his collaborations with marine life artist Wyland are widely acclaimed. Jim’s paintings are featured around the world on billboards, murals and TV shows and exhibited in fine art galleries from coast to coast. In spite of the strong, ongoing demand for his paintings, he has produced two books: The Art of Jim Warren and Jim Warren, Painted Worlds. Both contain clear and colorful representations of his works, many of which combine, as Jim has stated, "the effect of the real mixed with a touch of the unreal, to make you feel as though you're actually seeing something that in reality couldn't possibly be."

Renowned marine life artist Wyland changed the way people thought about our environment when he started painting life-size whales on the sides of buildings in the 1980s. Through his unique paintings, sculptures and photography, Wyland has raised awareness about conservation issues for the next generation as well. The multifaceted artist, scuba diver, educator and explorer has hosted several television programs, including Wyland’s Ocean World, Wyland: A Brush With Giants and Wyland’s Art Studio. His 100th and final Monumental Marine Life Mural, Hands Across the Oceans, was displayed in October 2008 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In May 2010, the United Nations released 6 Wyland images for an international stamp issue celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

Original artwork featuring vintage versions of Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck

Disney Fine Art by Collectors Editions

Delight to magnificent artwork inspired by timeless Disney animation.

Karin Arruda (also showing in Wyland Gallery)
Karin was born in Brasilia, Brazil, and she became interested in art at an early age. Her deep personal connection to artwork continued in college, leading her to abandon a veterinary career to dedicate herself exclusively to her passion for paper art. She created 2 exhibitions called Faith in Paper, where sacred images were presented on white paper. Her works have also been used to illustrate children's books and magazine covers. A perpetual student, Karin continues to learn and explore new materials and techniques to enrich her work and evolve as an artist.

Trevor Carlton
Through a blend of live performance art and brilliantly energetic studio work, Trevor has become one of the most recognizable names and personalities among Disney art collectors. His work—a fusion of vintage Americana and classic Warhol-era pop art—is exhibited and collected in countries around the world.

Krystiano DaCosta (also showing in Wyland Galleries)
Hailing from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Krystiano has emerged as a unique artist with an urgency to learn and create. His Italian heritage and strong desire to explore new horizons led him to move to Italy in his early 20s to refine his artistic skills. Later, Krystiano came to the United States, where he became a Walt Disney World Resort scenic artist. Krystiano has become a pioneer in Central Florida through inventions of his own interpretation of Industrial Impressionism—creating artwork that combines natural elements with traditionally European textures.

Stephen Fishwick
Stephen has been inspiring audiences around the globe with his dynamic blend of art and entertainment. His hope is that his artwork will ignite that natural creative spirit in each of us. Stephen’s work has been viewed and enjoyed in galleries and museums around the world and he is an official artist of the Disney Fine Art collection.

Rodel Gonzalez (also showing in James Coleman Studios and Wyland Gallery)
Before starting a new painting Rodel asks: What if Disney animated films were created by a live action crew filming on location and years later “lost footage” was discovered providing an entirely new vantage point of a familiar scene? His explorations have led him to become one of the most popular Disney painters to emerge in the last decade.

Rob Kaz (also showing in James Coleman Gallery)
Drawing from his background in professional studio animation and video game art, Rob has proven that he understands how to create powerful imagery in multiple media. As a fine art painter, his keen sense of composition and expert use of color and light have made him one of the most popular up-and-coming Disney artists.

Tim Rogerson
As an Orlando native and the son of an Entertainment Director for Disney Parks, Tim developed an early bond with Disney’s iconic characters and mythology. After completing art school at the prestigious Ringling School of Art & Design, he worked as a character artist on Main Street, U.S.A. Tim was then discovered on the world stage as a fine art painter and became an official artist of the Disney Fine Art collection.

Michelle St. Laurent (also showing in Wyland Galleries)
As a Disney artist for nearly 15 years, Michelle’s artwork has been an everyday presence at Walt Disney World Resort—both as a fine art painter and designer. Her work for Disney Design Group has been featured throughout the Disney resorts on merchandise, fine art paintings and even ticket stubs for Magic Kingdom park. As a contributor to the Disney Fine Art collection, she has been featured on Disney Cruise Line ships and in numerous galleries and exhibitions around the world.

Heather Theurer
Heather is a self-taught artist, whose father instilled in her the invaluable life lesson of simple observation. The wonder and magic of Disney movies—both the imagery and the music—helped cultivate the ideas that began to take form in painting, and now, boldly re-creating Disney characters in a way that brings them into the realism of our world has become an exciting new passion. Heather’s art has garnered the attention and recognition of USA Today and The Los Angeles Times and received awards from respected organizations such as Art Renewal Center, Artist’s Magazine and Spectrum, among others.

Original artwork of a girl and her dog wearing raincoats during a downpour

POP Gallery

View one-of-a-kind works by groundbreaking artists—representing an exciting variety of styles and subject matter.

Doug Bloodworth
Doug’s artistic perspective is influenced by a childhood affection for American western classics and the quintessential youth of the American dream. With a combination of pop art, photography and textural paint strokes, his work was born from these inspirations and has grown into the refined craft of photorealism. The influence of paper-printed comics from decades past is still tangible in his work. Combined with years of artistic expertise and an engaging personal connection offered by his custom works, Doug's collectability is rapidly growing.

Fabio Napoleoni believes that what the heart wants and the heart needs can be found in art. Many influences have helped shape his work, but none more so than the traumatic events that followed the birth of his second child. His daughter, born with serious medical complications, had to undergo several life-saving surgeries. Overwhelmed by his daughter’s challenges and surrounded by the tumultuous emotions experienced by parents in the same situation, Fabio became inspired. While his wife and daughter slept, Fabio wandered the halls of the Children’s Care Unit sketching out his personal thoughts. From these expressions a new form of creativity was born and the doors to Fabio Napoleoni’s own heart were now opened for the world to experience.

Alan Foxx
Alan is a graphic artist living in Central Florida. His animation and graphic design clients include the Walt Disney Company, NASA, IBM, AT&T and MTV Networks. At Disney, Alan worked on graphics and animation for Stitch's Great Escape, Mission: SPACE and numerous other attractions and installations at Walt Disney World Resort. At NASA, Alan created animations for NASA TV. He has taught classes at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, at Oakland University and has been a guest lecturer at numerous other art schools and universities.

Jeff Laibson While most of us were scribbling with crayons, this child artist was studying music with his professional musician father. Jeff began to paint at the age of 17. Today Jeff is both an accomplished painter and a renowned composer. As a musician he has performed all over the world. Jeff was educated at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the University of Miami, where he later taught. His art is greatly influenced by his musical talent.

Louis Lochead
Louis employs a very unique medium to create iconic images. Instead of painting on canvas, he hand-tears pages from magazines to create beautiful collage art. Says Louis, “Art obviously is my passion, and I see life as art. Art is a reflection of the beauty and grace of human experience; it captures its form, its emotion as well as its imperfections. It is in these imperfections that perfection is manifest through individuality."

Michelle Mardis
Michelle Mardis is an award-winning artist living in Florida. Originally from Texas, she moved to the Tampa area 20 years ago to start her artistic career. With a love of animals (especially dogs) and a fondness for color, she developed her own unique style that has evolved over the years, becoming more realistic while maintaining a brilliant color palette. She has begun a series of dog paintings that makes use of these brilliant colors, adding more vibrant life to the individual breeds of dogs she paints.

Nomiie’s work is influenced by her study and appreciation of Old Master techniques. The Nomiie characters in her illustration are juxtaposed against dream images, comic heroes, villains, fairy tales or most anything related to childhood and adult culture. Ostensibly childlike and whimsical, the Nomiies are a unique and provocative way to address various aspects of American culture and family life.

Will Pigg
Will is a local Florida artist who studied and worked in cinema for over 10 years, specializing in film noir, black and white, classics and stop-motion. Deciding to go back to college to study fine art, he attended Ringling College of Art & Design, focusing on design and illustration. William is most attracted to gray scale and black-and-white, using traditional media such as charcoal, pastel, ink, acrylic and paper. His works start as drawings, which he individually hand-cuts into intricate creations.

Terribly Odd
Terribly Odd is the work of miserable artist Michael Reyes. Michael brings us into his world of misery by creating his own unique style of characters that develop in his imagination. Turning screen-printed images into one-of-a-kind pieces of art, he creates works you will are sure to love—or loathe. After all, misery loathes company.

Jessica Von Braun
Jessica is a mixed-media artist, traditional and digital painter, photo collage illustrator, sketch artist and collector of pretty dresses. Born and raised in San Diego, she now resides in Fort Worth. Her work is sometimes cute and sometimes melancholy—inspired by storybooks and the fantasy that surrounds a child’s world. Her own children inspire a great deal of her work, and she hopes to grow and expand their world through the arts.

Original artwork depicting Minnie kissing Mickey in front of a lake and a thatch roof cottage

Thomas Kinkade Studios

Discover that unique spark of enchantment when Disney magic comes to life in the distinctive Thomas Kinkade style.

Dirk Wunderlich
Dirk’s interest in sketching Disney characters started at a very young age. This led him to a career designing ad layouts and catalogs for Disney’s nontheatrical film rental division in the early 80s and then to working on the launch of Disney Channel. Years later, Dirk began working under the direction of Thomas Kinkade and, in the process of perfecting his own technique and style, became one of the Studios’ most prolific legacy artists.

A framed quote that reads Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith, feed it truth, feed it with love

Sugarboo & Co.

Enjoy the works of artist Rebecca Puig, who has owned and operated the gallery along with her husband Rick since 2005.

Rebecca Puig
Ever since she was little, Rebecca loved to paint and create. A graduate of the University of Georgia with a Studio Art degree, her inspirations are her family, nature, animals, old things, children’s art and folk art. She also loves juxtaposing old and new, light and dark and serious subject matter with fluff and anything with a message. Her main inspiration, though, is her children. In fact, “Sugarboo” is a combination of the nicknames she has for them, and she always wants to create products that remind us of the ones we love. Rebecca’s goal for her art and the gallery is to “put good out into the world whenever possible.”

World Showcase buildings sit by a river with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Interactive Experiences

Discover fun family-friendly creative activities sure to inspire your own inner artist.

Artistic Marbling
Stop by Showcase Plaza to discover the ancient art form of Suminagashi or “ink floating”—which allows Guests of any age to create magnificent works of art!

Enemy Ink
Design your own T-shirt at the Odyssey Festival Showplace. Choose your style. Choose your color. Then watch in amazement as our screen printers create your garment before your eyes. It’s your very own wearable work-of-art.

Spaceship Earth near 2 monorail trains

Outpost Artists

Discover exquisite handcrafted works created by these skilled artisans using traditional techniques—at the Outpost area of Epcot.

African Heritage Master Wood Carver – Vincent Nthuli Mutisya
Vincent is the resident wood carver at the African Heritage kiosk. Carrying on a family and tribal tradition, Vincent is the great, great, great, great grandson of Mutisya Munge, who started Akamba wood carving in Wamunyu village, Kenya in early 1918.

Kamba Tribe Traditional Handmade Beaded Jewelry
Ann Nzambi Simmons, Purity Kamembe and Anna Mutiso began learning beadcraft from their mothers and grandmothers as preschoolers. More than a creative pursuit, the works they made needed to be sold as a source of income for their families, so they had to become skilled quickly. After they completed high school, the 3 young women teamed up and began selling their beadwork at open-air markets. Their designs gained international attention, allowing Ann to participate in demonstrations in Europe and eventually to become one of the artisans invited to display their work at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park opening in 1998.

Original artwork of a girl wearing Mickey ears while eating a Mickey ice cream and holding a Mickey balloon and a Mickey doll

Additional Featured Artists and Merchants

Explore a variety of styles and innovative techniques in these one-of-a-kind works. Check Festival Guide for locations.

Daniela Dawson
Daniela is a young arist, traveling the world as often as she can. After working as a commercial photographer for several years, she has focused on personal projects—photographing people and places that mean a lot to her in ways they might not normally be seen and shared. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston, and now lives part-time in Bisbee, Arizona, and part-time out of a backpack (on planes, trains, buses and boats).

Dave Avanzino
Dave's mixed-media technique combines famous Disney phrases, characters and attractions with a variety of papers, wire, wood, metal and other materials to create unique multidimensional works of art. His unique style draws viewers into each piece as they take in all of the rich details, colors and textures he uses to render each subject. Dave continues to capture favorite Disney characters, icons and classic phrases and brings them to 3-dimensional life in his creative shadowbox artwork.

David Doss
Born and raised in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, David began his art career at an early age. Since leaving a commercial art position to pursue his passion for fine art, he has experienced great success over the years, with sold-out editions and a strong collector-following. Working in watercolors, David’s art is internationally known for its great attention to detail. His work is available in Disney theme parks around the world and aboard Disney Cruise Line ships.

Larry Dotson Larry is an internationally recognized artist, best known for his oil paintings of coastal scenes, sunsets and golf courses. From 1983 to 1995, Larry showcased his works in his own galleries in Lahaina, Maui. Since Hawai'i is considered the art capital of the Pacific, these exhibits helped him to reach clients worldwide. Larry and his wife Patti currently live in Orlando, while he continues to market his works in the Hawaiian Islands, Florida and nationwide.

Rachelle L. Eason
Rachelle is an artist, teacher and inspirer. She is the owner and Chief Imagination Officer of Rachelle L. Eason, an international paper company featuring her colorful and textured eco-printed designs created through plant staining achieved by boiling. Rachelle’s passion for art began with lessons at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh in her early childhood and has continued to grow throughout her life. Her mission as an artist is to inspire lifelong enrichment through art and to provide a wonderful array of work that invites everyone to take an entertaining adventure into self-expression.

Heather French
At Parsons School of Design in New York and at Atlanta College of Art Heather studied portrait painting. She switched to concentrate on still life painting while earning her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Heather has had many accomplishments in her partnership with Disney throughout the years. She has been the official poster artist for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and she has partnered with Disney Cruise Line as a featured guest artist.

Jortra is a natural jewelry line using mostly natural materials and thread. Works made from melon seeds, orange peels and coffee beans are just some of their amazing creations. Most products contain no metal, avoiding the allergic reactions metallic jewelry can sometimes cause.

This innovative design studio takes traditional greeting cards to a whole new level. The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting-edge software and then handcrafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami.

Greg McCullough
Greg’s professional career started at age 15 when he became a caricature artist. In 2007, after a dozen years of creating Disney-inspired work through advertising agencies, Greg began producing graphics and advertising illustrations for the Disney theme parks. When he made his 2008 debut at The Art of Disney gallery, Greg found his artistic home. His life has been filled with many personal and professional achievements. Now painting Disney characters in oils has become Greg’s ultimate art form, combining his enjoyment of the subject matter with his love of the medium. His first assignment was the 2009 Disney Parks logo, followed by over 90 more illustrations which are seen by thousands every day in the Disney theme parks and on Disney Cruise Line ships. Greg’s style brings Disney characters and the worlds they live in to life. As Greg explains, “My goal is to create works of art that allow visitors to take a bit of the magic home with them.”

The story for this Orange County, California native began humbly, selling art door-to-door as a teenager on a bicycle. At just 16, Noah was handing out business cards to local businesses advertising his services to create art, signs and illustrations. Noah’s big breakthrough came when he partnered with the Walt Disney Company to create a special “Noah” line of Disney characters. The line has become a huge favorite among Disney collectors and fans worldwide. Noah’s works include character interpretation as well as product development such as one-of-a-kind Vinylmation™.

William Silvers
An Ohio native, William attended Bowling Green State University where he received a BFA in Graphic Design. Fresh out of college, William cofounded Live Wire Studios, a full-service art studio, in Cleveland. In 1995, his film career began at Walt Disney Feature Animation, where he adapted his fine art painting skills to the world of filmmaking. For almost 10 years, he created unforgettable backgrounds for Disney animated classics such as Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch and Brother Bear. William has also created new and exciting fine art pieces for several Disney galleries and Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Rachel Tribble
Rachel’s award-winning dreamlike paintings are recognized for their meditative quality as emotional experiments in color and light—dedicated to peacefulness in the world and the celebration of the Earth, sky and the multidimensional universes. Her work has been featured in art books and national magazines and has been gifted to nominees of several awards. Though she was traditionally trained in fine art and design, in the early 1990s Rachel’s work took on a more surrealistic edge. Leaving the world of design behind, she moved into alternative modes of expression. For rock nightclubs and raves, she began producing visual and sound environments, performance art and multimedia installations that focused on the esoteric and social and environmental issues.


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