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I’d like to visit Walt Disney World Resort, but heard there is a new payment card policy with an authorization hold. How much—and how long—is the hold?
On the day of arrival, Resort hotels will place an authorization hold on your card for any balance due on the reservation—plus $100 for estimated incidental expenses. If your spending exceeds the original $100 hold, additional incremental holds will automatically be obtained. The authorization holds on the card will not exceed the current balance due plus $100. Payment is processed for the balance due on the account after checkout. For reservations longer than 5 days, the card on file will be charged the current balance on the Resort folio(s) every fifth day of your stay and after checkout. In general, charges will be settled and posted to the card within 1 to 2 days after checkout day. You will only be charged for what you actually spent and any authorization holds in excess of the balance due will be released after checkout day. This policy doesn’t change your booking terms and conditions. If you’ve booked a reservation that must be prepaid—or if you’ve opted to provide full payment in advance of your stay—the balance due upon check-in is zero dollars, and only the $100 authorization hold for estimated incidental expenses will be placed on your card. For a reservation that is not prepaid, an authorization hold for the remainder of any balance due on the reservation and an additional $100 for estimated incidental expenses will be placed on your card upon the scheduled arrival date. Additional authorization holds will automatically be placed on the card, through and until the end of your checkout day, as incidental expenditures exceed the amount previously authorized to the card. Explore Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, or view the full Payment Card Policy.

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