The Story of New Fantasyland

The curse of New Fantasyland New Fantasyland  covered with dark purple clouds.

Do you believe in Fairy Tales?

Answer truthfully, dear reader. For the fate of an entire land hangs with your decision. You see…belief is the very heart of our story. One that began in a land not so long ago…

Ariel’s castle at New Fantasyland is covered with dark clouds. Prince Eric’s castle at New Fantasyland is covered with a dark purple cloud.

Chapter 1
The Mermaid
who lost her voice

Evil villains, who had long been waiting for us to grow up and stop believing, wanted to curse the land by taking a symbol from each of the stories of our youth. Their search led them to the sea, where they heard the song of a young mermaid searching for love and acceptance. A trident was taken, for without it the young lady may never come to believe that…

Lovealways finds a way

New Fantasyland shield
Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland covered by dark purple clouds. Ariel’s castle at New Fantasyland is covered with dark clouds.

Chapter 2
An Elephant forgets

The villains next took a small yet very powerful object: a feather. You see, our belief in the smallest of things can move mountains. Or, in this case, an elephant. With the feather taken, the elephant forgot that…

If you believe in yourself You can Fly

New Fantasyland shield
Dark clouds covering Belle’s village at New Fantasyland Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland covered by dark clouds

Chapter 3
Missing Humility
and antlers

Into the village the evildoers went, finding the perfect person to do their bidding: Gaston. For his feats of strength and prideful deeds proved nothing but his weakness. Surely he would never miss a pair of antlers from his wall, for he had forgotten one true lesson…

Never take yourself Too Seriously

New Fantasyland shield
Beast’s castle covered by dark clouds in New Fantasyland Dark clouds surround Beast’s castle in New Fantasyland

Chapter 4
A Beast. A Belle.
and a lost love’s tale

A young prince thought his stature and wealth placed him high above all others. But now self-doubt and regret clouded his thoughts, for how could a Belle ever love a beast? The villains took the symbol of love easily from him. For he had forgotten that…

Real BeautyLies Within

New Fantasyland shield
Break the curse of New Fantasyland. Stone hands hold a crystal ball with the image of New Fantasyland.

The dark curse spread across the land, covering every blade of grass and the top of every tree. And with these symbols of our youth gone, the villains shrouded our memories and imagination.

Yet this land does exist. It’s been here all along. Waiting for you to believe again so tales as old as time can be told once more.

Break the Curse ofNew Fantasyland

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