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Disney Animals

2 African elephants with tusks caressing each other's faces with their trunks

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

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Animal Encounters

Many of the planet’s most amazing animals, from elephants and tigers to sea turtles and sharks, call Disney home—as do some of the world’s leading wildlife conservationists, animal care experts and educators.

Male African lion stands on a rock, while 2 female African lions sit behind him

African Lions

Experience the majesty of African lions in the wilds of a Disney African savanna—and find out what all the roar is about!

Beautiful orange and black-striped Asian tiger walking

Asian Tigers

Marvel at the orange-striped beauty of one of the earth’s most powerful predators, the Asian tiger—the true king of jungle!

Black rhinoceros walking in dry terrain


Brace yourself for the one-ton armored carrier known as the rhinoceros—the world’s second largest land animal.

An African elephant grabs another's trunk

African Elephants

Behold the elephant—the largest terrestrial animal—and learn the true meaning of awesome!

Baby gorilla hanging onto back of adult gorilla

Western Lowland Gorillas

Commune with gentle, peace-loving vegetarians—gorillas, the world’s largest primate—who share 98% of our DNA!

Brown shark swimming near bottom edge of coral reef

Sharks and Stingrays

Dive into the lives of these fascinating sea creatures, whether skimming the surface—or actually swimming with—live sharks and rays!

2 cotton-top tamarins standing on tree limb

Cotton-Top Tamarins

Imagine a squirrel-sized monkey with shocking white hair leaping 15 feet from tree to tree—better yet, see these rare creatures yourself!

Loggerhead sea turtle at bottom of coral reef

Sea Turtles

Follow the sea turtle’s age-old journey from sand-buried eggs to the great escape of a deep-current cruise.

Tropical fish swimming among coral reef

Coral Reef

Explore the colorful world of coral reefs, which cover less than 1% of the ocean floor but are “home” to 25% of all ocean species!

Beautiful northern pintail duck

Migratory Birds

Soar the flyways and byways of migratory birds—from storks to hummingbirds—as they defy climates and continents to return home.

A boy and his grandfather marvel at zebra longwing butterflies on a flowering plant


Delight in the fluttery brilliance and magical metamorphosis of the 20,000 butterfly species that beautify every continent on earth but one!

2 giraffes walk amid the trees on the savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge


Gain a new perspective on the savanna’s tallest mammal!

A hippo submerged in the water up to its mouth


Witness the power and grace of the mighty, water-loving hippo.

An okapi standing behind a tree


Meet the rarely seen rainforest animal with the stripes of a zebra, the body of a horse and the head of a giraffe.

A colorful tropical fish swims by the rocky ocean floor

Reef Fish

Go with the flow and get to know the fish that make coral reefs a biodiversity hotspot!

A close up view of a Mexican Red Knee tarantula


Get to know the largest group of species on our planet, invertebrates—animals without a backbone!

A horse running on the ranch at Disneys Animal Kingdom park


Saddle up to find out what makes horses one of the most trusted companions you could ever have!

Two vultures with their wings spread out, at Disneys Animal Kingdom park


Glide through the amazing world of vultures to discover why these birds are not only magnificent but misunderstood.

Two zebras walk through tall grass at Disneys Animal Kingdom park


It’s time to earn your stripes! Enter the world of one of the savanna’s most dazzling and iconic creatures.

A large group of flamingos standing in the water


Uncover the secrets of the stunning pink birds that stand on 1 leg—fabulous flamingos!

Small gibbons climb on a structure near the Kali River Rapids and the Maharajah Jungle Trek


Go absolutely ape over gibbons—they’re the acrobatic aces of the rainforest!

A Purple Glossy Starling bird walking on a tree branch

African Birds

Take flight to explore the beautiful wonder, colors and sounds of birds from Africa!

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